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KS2 Mini Olympics @ Maiden Castle

June 19, 2019 @ 9:30 am - 2:30 pm

Notes for entries:
There is no restriction on the number of children that each school can bring, or the number of teams they can enter onto each sport.
Schools must ensure that the number of children allowed in various teams, matches the number of children attending.
Bookings will be first come, first served – if an event fills quickly this can’t be helped. The option of that sport will be taken off when the event is full so if you can’t see it – unfortunately it has already been filled.
Children should not be taking part in an activity in which they already play/compete in. As this event is focussed on trying something new and having fun.
It is a good idea to plan who is coming and which activities you have chosen in advance of booking opening.
Schools should provide at least one member of staff/responsible adult per event which they have entered, as events will take place in different areas of the centre.

I will endeavour to book all buses as requested, but I can only guarantee one bus per school – due to restrictions on the number of vehicles available to us.
Due to the high volume of buses needed I can’t source all of these from our usual provider (Lee’s coaches). This means I am open to the charges of various companies, which increase at this time of the year. If schools wish to use their annual travel allowance for this event please note that the buses will be charged at a slightly higher price than for other events.

Notes for the day:
Children will need to bring a packed lunch with plenty of drinks.
They should also be prepared for the weather (it’s often colder than it looks at Maiden Castle as it’s quite exposed to the elements).
All schools will need to be aware of those children who cannot have their photograph taken (local press may be on site).

Y3/4 Sports on Offer:

Sport Total Capacity No. of teams catered for Squad Size
Kwik Cricket 120 12 8-10
Tag Rugby 120 12 8-10
Tri Golf 72 12 6
Football 108 12 7-9
Skipping 80 8 10
Cheerleading/Dance 80 16 5
Judo/Multi-Skills 60 12 5
Basketball 72 12 6

Y5/6 Sports on Offer:

Sport Total Capacity No. of teams catered for Squad Size
Hockey 96 16 4-6
High 5 Netball 90 10 7-9 (max of 3 boys per squad)
Quadkids 96 12 4 boys and 4 girls
Dodgeball 96 12 6-8
Fitness/Fencing 48 8 6
Volleyball 80 10 6-8
Football 108 12 7-9
Street Games/Games 40 8 5


June 19, 2019
9:30 am - 2:30 pm
Event Category:


Jen Lloyd-Edwards


Maiden Castle
Maiden Castle Road Dorset DT2 9PP United Kingdom + Google Map

Currently Registered

Netball Year 5&6 (Squad Size 7-9 max of 3 boys)

Aidan Ross (sthilds)Debbie Lunn (kelloe)Laura Cook (CLSCofE)Rachel Morton (finchale)Mark Gowan (shincliffe)

Cheerleading/Dance Year 3&4 (Squad Size 5)

Debbie Lunn (kelloe)Fiona Westerman (stgodrics)Lyn Pinkerton (sherburnvillage)Aidan Ross (sthilds)Donna Fawcett (cassop)Emma Hardy (framwellgatemoor)

Fitness/Fencing Year 5&6 (Squad Size 6)

Julie Beevers (Red Rose)Debbie Lunn (kelloe)Laura Cook (CLSCofE)Emma Hardy (framwellgatemoor)

Kwick Cricket Year 3&4 (Squad Size 8-10)

Rachel Morton (finchale)Emma Hardy (framwellgatemoor)Aidan Ross (sthilds)Debbie Lunn (kelloe)Donna Fawcett (cassop)Fiona Westerman (stgodrics)

Dodgeball Year 5&6 (Squad Size 6-8)

Lyn Pinkerton (sherburnvillage)Jaime Bainbridge (pittington)Laura Cook (CLSCofE)Fiona Westerman (stgodrics)

Quadkids Year 5&6 (Squad Size 4 Girls and 4 Boys)

Aidan Ross (sthilds)Laura Cook (CLSCofE)Emma Hardy (framwellgatemoor)Bonny Jackman (stpatricks)Audrey Thompson (laurelavenue)

Football Year 5&6 (Squad Size 7-9)

Debbie Lunn (kelloe)Lyn Pinkerton (sherburnvillage)Laura Cook (CLSCofE)Mark Gowan (shincliffe)Aimee Brand (Sacriston)

Hockey Year 5&6 (Squad Size 4-6)

Laura Cook (CLSCofE)Aidan Ross (sthilds)Lyn Pinkerton (sherburnvillage)Mark Gowan (shincliffe)Emma Hardy (framwellgatemoor)Bonny Jackman (stpatricks)Bonny Jackman (stpatricks)Audrey Thompson (laurelavenue)

Basketball Year 3&4 (Squad Size 6)

Rachel Morton (finchale)Debbie Lunn (kelloe)Bonny Jackman (stpatricks)Aimee Brand (Sacriston)

Tri Golf Year 3&4 (Squad Size 6)

Lyn Pinkerton (sherburnvillage)Mark Gowan (shincliffe)Bonny Jackman (stpatricks)Audrey Thompson (laurelavenue)

Volleyball Year 5&6 (Squad Size 6-8)

Rachel Morton (finchale)Jaime Bainbridge (pittington)Laura Cook (CLSCofE)Emma Hardy (framwellgatemoor)

Street Games/Games Year 5&6 (Squad Size 5)

Julie Beevers (Red Rose)Donna Fawcett (cassop)Fiona Westerman (stgodrics)

Judo/Multi-Skills Year 3&4 (Squad Size 5)

Fiona Westerman (stgodrics)Emma Hardy (framwellgatemoor)Aidan Ross (sthilds)Audrey Thompson (laurelavenue)Audrey Thompson (laurelavenue)

Football Year 3&4 (Squad Size 7-9)

Aidan Ross (sthilds)Lyn Pinkerton (sherburnvillage)Donna Fawcett (cassop)

Tag Rugby Year 3&4 (Squad Size 8-10)

Mark Gowan (shincliffe)
Attendance: 152 / ∞