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Year 5&6 Countdown Cricket Festival (All Schools)

June 9, 2022 @ 9:30 am - 2:30 pm

The aim of the Tournament is to provide children of all levels of ability and experience with an opportunity to participate in cricket and to encourage fair participation by all.

Countdown Cricket is a simplified version of cricket where the number of balls left in the innings are counted down from 40 (in the case of Dynamos Cricket) so everyone knows how long is left in the game.  The team with the most runs wins.

There are no conditions on the number of boys or girls can make up the team or squad. Team/Squad can be comprised of all boys only or all girls only or a mix of both boys and girls.

Each team comprises of 8 players.  Squads are limited to 10 players.

Further Information on rules download the guidance pack Countdown Cricket Rules


  • 8 per team.
  • Each batting team will face 40 balls
  • Bowlers will bowl 5 balls and then rotate with next fielder due to bowl.
  • Fielders will rotate around the field, with 2 fielders on each side of the pitch and a wicket keeper at a safe distance behind the stumps, in a clockwise direction each time the bowler is changed.


  • Runs are hitting the over boundary 4 and 6. 
  • Runs can also be scored for running between the wickets.
  • Batters can be out bowled, caught or run out.
  • For run outs the crease (i.e. area that the batter is considered to be safe) is marked by the batting tees at the batters end and a pair of cones at the bowlers end.
  • When a batter is out, the batter swap ends and continue (5 runs are added to fielding every wicket).
  • Umpires should use discretion to swap batters to ensure each faces a similar number of balls.


    • Both underarm and overarm bowling is allowed, with a straight arm encouraged.
    • A ball will be called a no ball if (Arriving at the batter above the waist height, bouncing more than twice rolling along the ground or stopping)
    • All bowling is from the same end.
    • No-balls & wides are scored as 2 runs to batting team, and no extra delivery to be bowled.
    • A ball will be called a wide if it is outside of the batting tees (that make the crease)


June 9, 2022
9:30 am - 2:30 pm
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Chris Boundy


Sacriston Cricket Club
Front Street
Durham, DH7 6JT United Kingdom
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Attendance: 10 / 10