Gifted & Talented

The Durham & CLS SSP Gifted and Talented programmes focus not only on high achievers but also on those who show sporting potential.

What do we mean by Gifted and Talented?

The Department for Education and Skills gives the following definition:

Gifted pupils are those who have abilities in one or more subjects in the statutory school curriculum other than art and design, music and physical education.

Talented pupils are those who have abilities in art and design, music, physical education, or performing arts such as dance or drama.

How can you identify a talented pupil in Physical Education?


Talented pupils in Physical Education are likely to:

  • Think quickly and accurately
  • Work systematically
  • Generate creative work solutions
  • Work flexibily, processing information, applying knowledge, experience and insight into unfamiliar situations
  • Communicate their thoughts and ideas well
  • Be determined, diligent and interested
  • Achieve or show potential in a wide range of contexts
  • Be particularly creative
  • Demonstrate particular dexterity and skill
  • Make sound judgements
  • Be outstanding leaders or team members
  • Demonstrate high levels of attainment in PE or a particular sport

Talented can be broken down into 5 abilities when observing pupils.  These are:

  • Creative
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Cognitive
  • Personal


  • Dynamic assessment (Test – Teach – Test)
  • Physical assessment (Fitness Testing)