Home Resources

We have collected a wide range of resources that families can try at home.  Please feel free to browse through the information below and download any items that may be of interest.

In Sections (1), (2) and (3) have activities that relate to a child’s age and the class they attend at their school.

  • Lower Primary: Reception, Year 1 & Year 2
  • Upper Primary: Years 3-6
  • Secondary: Years 7-11

Section (4) has activities and ideas that relate to specific sports; Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Cycling, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Tennis and Multi Skills.

Section (5) has many links to a vast range of online activities.

In the Videos Section you’ll find 4 folders;

  • Beat the Coach – 60 second challenges
  • Gemma’s Fun Energising Dance Routines
  • LK Health&Wellbeing Fitness
  • Zumba Routines

Click on any folders or documents to view and/or download.  To return to the initial menu, click the HOME icon/Start.